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  • Letters of support


    We have limited capacity (as volunteers) to be able to help you make applications for funding. We can however provide a letter of support.

    Please email us with the following information to request a letter of support for your project. We’ll do our best to reply ASAP. Dependent on current workload please allow approx. 7-10 business days for your letter of support to be processed.

    Letter of support
    What is the official name of your organisation?
    What is the mission statement of your organisation?
    When was your organisation established?
    Name of the organisation offering the funding.
    The name of the grant
    The grant category (if applicable)
    How much funding are you seeking
    When does the grant application close?
    Provide a brief explanation of your project – no more than 200 words.
    How will this funding help your organisation/community – no more than 200 words.
    Are there any other sources of funding? Please list, including your own contribution (in-kind and cash).
    Contact Name
    Position within your organisation

    Email to gvpride@gvpride.org