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    Greater Shepparton LGBTI+ Community Alliance


    During June 2017 the Equality Roadshow visited Shepparton, and ran a community inclusion outcomes workshop with the LGBTI+ and mainstream community services. A number of us agreed to keep meeting after that session to plan and activate the list of possibilities for inclusion as documented on that day.

    In July 2017 a LGBTI+ inclusion planning meeting occurred with LGBTI+ community groups, advocates, and local services committed to creating an LGBTI+ inclusive practice network for Greater Shepparton. A working group was established to get things moving (and you were welcome/encouraged to join, participate in, develop and promote this exciting network).

    The working group then conducted a survey for those wishing to contribute to the shaping of the network. Our 1st meeting to solidify the network focus, and develop terms of reference and/or protocols for meeting outcomes and any results we had from the survey took place in August 2017. One outcome of this meeting was the naming of the new network: Greater Shepparton LGBTI+ Community Alliance.

    The 2nd meeting occurred in September 2017, a 3rd meeting in November 2017, a 4th meeting in February 2018 and a 5th meeting in April 2018. Many issues have been discussed to date including trans & gender diverse pathways/services, a local Pride Cup football game for June 2018 and a marketing/promotion plan for the Alliance (among many other issues/standing items), and are in motion.

    Watch this space for more info…


    2018 Apr 11 – agenda

    Meeting minutes

    2018 Apr 11 – draft

    2018 Feb 21 – draft

    2017 Nov 22 – final


    Terms of Reference – draft

    Communication/Action plan – working document

    Want to become an Alliance member?

    Email gvpride@gvpride.org for more info.

    Upcoming events

    LGBT intimate partner and family violence (IP&FV) workshop – Tue 24 April

    Nanyubak Yapaneyeputj (18 May 2018) – register here

    Next Alliance meeting – Wed 30 May